Hair Texturing


Permanent Wave $85+
Straightening $85+
Custom Wraps from $120+
Keratin Express Blow Out $85+
Keratin Complex Smoothing $250+

Today almost everyone can use some form of texture to their advantage. Adjusting your texture to either soft waves, all over curls, smooth soft waves or straight and sleek, is easy with the help of our talented design team.

Our stylists are masters at taming frizzy, too curly, unmanageable hair as well as imparting luxurious volume into fine, lifeless tresses. Both of these retexturing services are performed with the utmost concern for your hair’s continuing health and vitality.

One of the few completely non-toxic smoothing products available that is certified and backed by OSHA! This revolutionary therapy infuses natural keratin into the hair’s cuticle. It reduces frizz and curl, and instantly adds amazing shine, silkiness and condition to the hair. Hair is more manageable, smoother, and easier to style than ever before. Our experienced stylists have been specially trained and certified in the smoothing therapy method.



Conditioning and Restructuring

Hair Recovery Treatment - $35+
Deep Conditioning 
Treatment - $20+
Clarifying Treatment - $15+

*Hair that is shoulder  length or longer, and/or thick hair ... additional charge

Hair recovery treatments are formulated to transform the hair's condition so it “recovers” its natural, healthy state.  By incorporating the key solutions of strength, color protection, softness and control, our conditioning and restructuring services are individually formulated to offer intense, specialized benefits for your hair's individual needs. Produces immediate results after just one treatment.